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  • 2:00PM Water Cooler 9/22/14
    Today's Water Cooler: The climate march, ISIS skepticism, the Census and poverty, and the album Bernie Sanders cut in 1987.

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  • Evil Feedly and Digg: “Social Logins” as Symptoms of Creeping Surveillance State
    Your humble blogger is a beached whale as a result of the steady march of police state practices on the Internet. And to calibrate how heinous the underlying situation is, Lambert, who has 20 years of experience as a computer professional, calls my current mess the technology equivalent of being shoved into a minefield without any signs. And as you'll see below, I've already stepped on one mine.

  • And Then Gerard’s Car Caught on Fire
    "I'm ready to get back to work. I just doesn't have much to work with."

  • For-Profit Colleges as Factories of Debt
    Yves here. The American higher education system has been sucking more and more of the economic life out of the children that supposedly represent our best and brightest, the ones with intelligence and self-disipline to do well enough to be accepted at college. But even though the press has given some attention to how young adults, and sometimes their hapless parent/grandparent co-signers, can wind up carrying huge millstones of debt, there's been comparatively less focus on the for-profit segment of the market. While their students constitute only 13% of the total college population, they account for 31% of student loans. Why such a disproportionately high debt load? As this post explains, the for-profit colleges are master predators, seeking out vulnerable targets like single mothers who will do what they think it takes to set themselves up to land a middle class job. This is the new American lower-class version of P.T. Barnum's "a sucker is born every minute." These social aspirants are easy to exploit because they haven't gotten the memo that the American Dream is dead.

  • Revisiting the Modest Proposal: Q&A with a Skeptic – Fall 2014 version (*)
    The Modest Proposal will stem the European crisis without breaking any rules, without having the core countries pay one euro for the debts and losses of the periphery, and without any further diminution of national sovereignty.

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  • Finance Sector Wages: Explaining Their High Level and Growth
    Individuals who work in the finance sector enjoy a significant wage advantage. This column considers three explanations: rent sharing, skill intensity, and task-biased technological change. The UK evidence suggests that rent sharing is the key. The rising premium could then be due to changes in regulation and the increasing complexity of financial products creating more asymmetric information.

  • Scottish Independence Vote: Results, Ramifications and Neglected Corners
    Results, Ramifications and Neglected Corners of the Scottish Independence Vote

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