Guarantee and Return Policy
We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will be whatever we can to insure this.

If you are unsatisfied with the product, you may return it 60 days from ordering and you will receive a prompt refund for the order. Please note the following terms:

  • All returned products received after the 60-days return policy will receive a store credit.
  • Refunds will be issued to the same credit card to which they were charged.

How long will it take to process returns?
After we receive your request, it generally takes 2-5 business days to process your refund.

Please keep in mind that your bank typically posts credit in the billing cycle in which it was received. Therefore, the number of days it takes for credit to post to your account may vary, depending on your bank's billing and credit schedule.

How do I request a refund?
To request a refund, please submit a refund request form.

100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed   Your purchase is 100% guaranteed for 8 whole weeks! If for any reason you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you will promptly receive a refund. Simply fill out the survey to let us know how we can improve and why you weren't satisfied. You'll never see another guarantee like it, that's because Stock Assault 2.0 does exactly what it says it will!
  • 100% Money Back!
  • No Risk, 100% 8 WEEK Money Back Guarantee
  • Keep the software!
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